Bucket List Baby

1. Have my own clothing label
2. Own my own business & be successful
3. Perform in front of people (When I get better)
4. Get my surf bronze medallion
5. Buy a House with no mortgage
6. Have a successful blog
7. Learn more about the mechanics of a car
8. Own and run a nissan patrol late 1960s G model
9. Get my Surf lifesaving gold medallion
10.Have a good amount of disposable income
11.Have a great steady full time job I love
12.Become well known in an industry
13.Make an app or a magazine
14.Some how get through University
15.Design my dream house, ‘Self built envy’
16.Write a book or produce a screen play
17.Travel to all continents
18.Get a motorbike/Licence
19.Compete in a beauty or some sort of pageant
20.Donate a large amount of money to a charity of choice (so far $600)
21.Give Blood
22.Research family tree
23.Around Australia road trip with friends
24.Ignore technology for 1 week
25.Renovate or fix up/decorate a house
26.Go Skydiving
27.Visit a pumpkin patch
28.Visit a castle
29.Go Zip lining
30.Ride on a gondola in Venice
31.Attach a lock to the love bridge
32.Make Pretzels
33.Tie dye
34.Moon light cinema
35.Win a competition
36.Be a maid of honour
37.Full on mud fight
38.Do the colour run
39.Visit the Fairy pools in Scotland
40.Go to a wedding
41.Earn a passive income
42.Go out and pretend to be someone else for a night
43.Swing from a chandelier
44.Kiss under a mistletoe
45.Crash a wedding
46.Crowd Surf
47.Drive through California in a convertible
48.Camp/fall asleep on the beach
49.Go to a masquerade party
50.Not be single on a valentines day
51.Run the breast cancer marathon in Santander, Spain
52.Learn about furniture making & Wood/joinery
53.Hit someone in the face with a pie unexpectedly
54.Visit underwater museum in Cancun, Mexico
55.Pizza in Italy
56.Kiss in a street of Barcelona
57.Get a tattoo
58.Make a million dollars
59.Have a paint war
60.Have a european winter= My birthday, Chirstmas and New Years all in one
61.Find someone that actually wants me
62.Beat the stupid beep test
63.See the northern lights
64.Kiss underwater
65.Find a four leaf clover
66.Float in the dead sea
67.Create a memory box
68.Swim in every ocean
69.Go paragliding
70.Own a second house/property down the beach
71.Hold a job for more than 3 years
72.Visit the Iguacu Falls in Brazil
73.Be in an exhibition
74.Do relay for life
75.Organise an event
76.Learn to play the whole of ‘Classical Gas’
77.Redecorate my room
78.Build a loft
79.Get one of my photos in a magazine
80.Make a world record
81.Find out if love exists beyond family
82.Learn to play Autumn Leaves by Paolo Nutini
83.Have my own superhero character
84.Have people understand and recognise my efforts
85.Find peace and content in myself
86.Hike the WHOLE ‘Camino de Santiago’

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