Dear post below

Dear ‘2 Weeks on’ post,

Reflection is a funny thing.

Anger is real but closure was not achieved.

That 9 months of ‘nothing’ killed my spirits & turned me into a child begging for acceptance.

It ended up being well over 2 weeks of no contact.

After this, and now, I am forever happy.

Yes, Jenna is content, how often do you hear me say that.

I have a wonderful partner who treats me far better than I deserve, he spoils me with is love and company. I am so lucky.

It has been 4 months now, take a few days either side and we are still cruising.
Although it is all coming along pretty fast, and I can’t imagine my life without his spark.

So, Dear boy and post below;
– You shot my confidence
– Trampled on my judgement
– Threw my soul
– And tossed everything in the bin.

But now I am happy.
I can breathe, think and have clarity.

Yours Truly,



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