2 Weeks On

Dear ***

It has now been two weeks since I last saw you/shared your bed & went for coffee.
It has also been two weeks since you have made contact (let’s be honest it’s been longer because I make contact first).
It has become clear (I have finally come to accept) with this hint of silence that I am no longer an interest of yours.
I am not going to lie it is hurtful, but I get it.
I want to thank you for introducing me to your friends, M*** and E***** are two of the most kind hearted souls I have met.

I have been missing the first few dates we went on, burgers + music and then Jazz bars with your friends later down the track.
I will miss feeling so comfortable and at ease with you, but I will not miss the feeling when I leave you and don’t hear from you, and you make me feel anxious, vulnerable and lost.

I think one of the reasons I really enjoyed your company was, the fact that you had a life that really inspired me. I hope one day I can have a job that creates inspiration for others.

I don’t know where you stand, because you haven’t told me.
If I am wrong let me know.

Yours Truly ,



One thought on “2 Weeks On

  1. Hi J-R,

    I’ve been thinking about relationships a lot lately and I’m starting to get the sense that (mobile) tech is really starting to screw things up for people. We’re becoming spoiled by how on-demand everything is these days.

    Want to watch the latest movie/tv show? Just stream/download it. Want to binge on it? Go for it. Who was it that said that thing that time? This could have been a conversation, now just whip out the phone and Google it, mystery solved.

    Now mobile dating is a reality too and it’s a game changer. Want a hookup? Just swipe right and it might happen. Swipe often enough and eventually you may have loads of options. Sure you can use it as a way to meet new people but how many people have normalised casual relationships over time? How many first dates end without hooking up now? How many people are swiping right on other profiles on the way home from a first date? What impact is this having on people who aren’t this way inclined?

    I’m a bit older than you are, but even in my social circles relationships are becoming more open. Polyamory is being discussed and becoming more common, people are starting to swipe right.

    Where does this leave those of us who want a bit of romance, mutual respect or even those of us who are inexperienced or introverted? I’m not sure yet, but don’t give up hope. You seem like a great young woman who has a lot going for her and a lot to offer. People would be lucky to know you.


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